Katharina’s favourite places in Landshut

This is the Basilica St. Martin. It is downtown of Landshut City and it has the highest handmade brick tower of the world. The tower is 130,1 meters high. I like it because it is almost just across my home and I am altar girl in this church.
This picture is a scan of our Maths book, page 159.

This is the Dreifaltigkeitsplatz with the sight to the Basilika St. Marin and downtown LA.

Dreifaltigkeitsplatz 15 is my home address and my parents’ house. I live in the front building on the 2nd and 3rd floor. On the right picture you can see the nose of the house. It was renovated  7 years ago. This script isn’t a gold color it is out of 5,3 grams real gold. 

This is our sports room with TV and DVD. I often go into the room because I love to do sports and during that time watching TV.

Near the house there is the Isarauen Park. I love to be there with my small sister. The Part is very big and on weekends there are a lot of people there. 

This is the park called Hofgarten. It is the park of the Burg Trausnitz Castle. I love it because there are places to play games and there are also many animals. I am up there in summer and winter.
It is usually open during the day.